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February 02 2018

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pt. 2 : “ HAMMERWOLF “
pt. 1 : “ HAMMERDOG “

th hammerdog figures i printed wrong on page 2 are from rly severely beautiful models @garbotrash made us and tht ill figure out how to reliably duplicate like..soon

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terrifying possibly paranormal experience by anonymous

Ghosts that save lost, trapped children


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The Cutting Room Floor is one of the most interesting and fucking hilarious places on the internet.

Look into any shitty game and you’ll probably see a little present left behind by a stressed-out, probably-underpaid dev.

But one of my favourites is definitely the windows port of the spider-man game for the playstation

And the unfortunate things left over in a shitty Game Boy Color game called DynaMike.

That’s right. We have the porn sites he was looking at while making the game, fully intact in the cartridge.

Personal fave

how is hello hacker fucker not already in this post



My old friend got pregnant, and her family is so fundamentally religious that they accepted her story that it was a virgin pregnancy rather than let themselves believe she had //whispers// relations.

When I heard she was pregnant, I flew to Mexico to help with the  preparations. I told her I knew the truth, and she started crying and told me she had no idea who the father was, because she didn’t remember.

Anyway, at one point I went to the theatre to see Suicide Squad and Jared Leto was there in full Joker costume creeping people out by sitting behind them and blowing on their necks whenever he came on screen.

When he did it to me, I turned around and just said “Leah’s pregnant.” and he turned white. I mean, you could see him go pale from underneath his makeup. He looked stricken. Then he just said, “thanks.” in a quiet voice, and got up and left.

I went back home without seeing Leah again, but she called me right before i woke up, crying, saying her family had disowned her because she was having the baby of an actor.

Fuck I forgot to read the url and I thought this was someone’s actual life event or some shit

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ok this is “earring magic ken” who was introduced in 1992 (and discontinued shortly thereafter)

basically mattel had done a survey and discovered that girls didn’t think ken was “cool” enough

SO someone had the bright idea to research coolness by sending people to raves which, at the time, were mostly hosted & attended by gay men. so they went to these raves and took notes on what the fashions were and finally landed on this outfit, mesh shirt & all 

this doll became the best selling ken doll in history, mostly because gay men bought it in droves. (many of them said his necklace was supposed to be a cockring) but mattel and a number of parents weren’t very amused and discontinued the doll 



MAGIC EARRING KEN. This bitch gay as HELL. supposedly the aforementioned rings on him are for “magic earrings” and clip on charms. These charms are advertised as totally COMPLETELY heterosexual, not gay at ALL, see there’s a Barbie that also has Magic Earring Action with clip on charms! Ken wears them to match, because he’s STRAIGHT

Here’s the issue: THERE IS NO MATCHING BARBIE. Magic Earring Ken is out here straight up wearing cock rings on his jacket with a thinly devised advertising ploy to make it SEEM not-gay. But it’s DEFINITELY GAY.
(And if you’re thinking, why cock rings? Well way back in 1992 gay culture was HUGE on wearing cock rings, it was the in-style. Everyone who was gay wore one, even women; you sewed them to your leather jacket, and the placement indicated some of your sexual preference. In case you were wondering, Ken is a Bottom.)

AND IT GETS BETTER. Magic Earring Ken was on the shelves for six weeks before they pulled him. In that short amount of time? Magic Earring Ken became the BEST SELLING Barbie Doll Mattel has EVER SOLD.
LET THAT SINK IN. SIX WEEKS. And now every time these wheezy old hetero windbag execs go to look at their sales board, they’re forever haunted by Magic Earring Ken at the top of their charts.

Gay as hell, Cock Ring Bottom Ken, the Best Selling Mattel Doll.

please take the time out of your day to read about Magic Earring Ken™

gay history


My daily doodle turned into a work of art.

I post my daily doodles on instagram under the same username!!



imagine: magnus giving an Anime Protagonist Speech and the bad guy is like rolling their eyes bc yeah this seems like something he would do but in reality he’s buying time as merle and taako rob the dude blind and then knock them out from behind before the three of them bolt

#magnus: and ill never stop fighting! because i know…i have my friends! #taako: [mouthing ‘hey do you want this cool sword?’] #magnus: yes! …they are always there for me

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This was undoubtedly the best one.






Wearing pyjamas to bed = equipping the most visually appealing armour.

Wearing comfy clothes to bed = equipping the statistically best armour.

Wearing jeans to bed = equipping an awful piece of gear for a crucial stat increase or buff.

Wearing nothing to bed = speedrunner.

I love this because it implies that going to bed requires combat

The fight for sleep and good rest

Especially if you have a cat punching you in the face all night.

comfy sleep jeans: modding your shit up

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Leaked Patch Notes


-removed resurrect entirely

-pressing q spawns genji in your real life house, killing you instantly

Developer comments: fuck you


“But comedy has to be edgy and offensive or else it’s terrible!”

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i’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen


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Remember when that SDCC zine further confirmed that Lapis literally has crippling depression


Wearing pyjamas to bed = equipping the most visually appealing armour.

Wearing comfy clothes to bed = equipping the statistically best armour.

Wearing jeans to bed = equipping an awful piece of gear for a crucial stat increase or buff.

Wearing nothing to bed = speedrunner.

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